Cathedral Isle of Man is fortunate to have a number of gifted adult singers who volunteer their services to sing music of a high standard.

The Lay Clerks

The Lay Clerks are voluntary adult singers which form the basis of the 'back row', and are a lively, sociable group, where strong lifelong friendships are formed during the many musical activities undertaken by the choir. Uniquely, the Lay Clerks at Cathedral Isle of Man also includes sopranos .

The Lay Clerks sing with the Choristers at major services and also on their own as a 'Schola'. Singers come from all walks of life and are involved in a great many musical groups across the Island. There are occasional vacancies in the Lay Clerks and those interested should contact the Director of Music to arrange an audition and rehearsal information.

The Young Songmen

This group is designed for boys whose voices are changing and receive attention to get used to their new vocal range from the Director of Music. They sing alongside the adult Lay Clerks and Choral Scholars for services, and rehearse on Wednesdays 4.30 - 5.30pm.

Choral Scholarships

The Cathedral in conjunction with the St German's Cathedral Foundation for Music and Arts is offering unique opportunities particularly for young singers.

Opportunity exists to appoint Choral Scholars to sing at the Cathedral during their A Level study years, before gap year or University.The Scholarship involves singing at the Cathedral at least twice a month which can be negotiated with the Director of Music.

If you have any queries about becoming a choral scholar please email Dr Litman on  who will be happy to discuss this further with you.


Our Cathedral choir sing Lully, Lulla, Lullay by Philip Stopford at a charity fundraising event.


Our treasured Choral Heritage - now, and for tomorrow ......

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