Cathedral Closed

Covid-19 emergency regulations

Following a meeting on Tuesday evening 5/1/21 at the Deanery of the Ministers & Wardens of the Parish of the West Coast, to give the best opportunity to control the spread of the Coronavirus on the Island, it has been suggested that we close all the churches in the Parish of the West Coast with immediate effect. The position will be reviewed after 27 January when the Government reconsiders the virus situation.

The churchyards remain open, but please observe social distancing of 2m and wear a facemask.

Funerals can still take place but with no more than ten family present.and all attending must wear a mask

The following meetings at the Cathedral are therefore cancelled:

11/1 Mothers Union evening meeting

12/1 Western Mission Partnership prayer at the Mill

12/1 7pm Local Cathedral Council

26/1 Western Mission Partnership meeting

All services in the Cathedral are cancelled until further notice, but there will be a Zoom service at 10.30am on Sunday mornings and morning prayer on zoom on all other days at 9.00am.  If you would like to join any of services please contact Val on 241227 or email

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