Restarting Public Worship

The resumption of Public Worship, post-COVID-19, in the Cathedral  ‘FAQs’


When does public worship restart?

The Cathedral will start public worship on Sunday 28th June 2020.

Times of services will depend on responses to the Questionnaire sent out.

On ‘Opening Sunday’ (28th June) service times will not be the ‘new normal’ pattern.



All Cathedral services are live-streamed, so if you are not yet comfortable in returning you can share worship from home.  Go to the website:


When can the congregation receive Holy Communion?

The Eucharist will be celebrated from the 28th and the congregation can receive the consecrated host.

The chalice will not at this stage be shared

So we can also welcome those still social/physical distancing (part of the south side of the Cathedral will assume social distancing and marks on pews will indicate seating at 2 metre distance).  Communion will be received by coming forward in a line (those socially and physical distancing first) and will be placed on the hand by the priest or deacon.


Can we sing in the Cathedral? Yes, both choir and congregation.  


Can we share the Peace?

No.  For the time being please refrain from physically sharing the Peace during services.  A greeting that does not involve physical contact is recommended for now.


Can we have refreshments after the service?

Yes.  Refreshments will be available.  All serving you will have Food and Hygiene certificates.   If you are not yet comfortable you can bring your own refreshments and you can sit at tables designated for social distancing.  In this area there will be waiter service should you require it.


Do we have to limit the number of people in church at any one time?

No.  Numbers are determined by the capacity of the building bearing in mind that part of the south nave is designated for those physically/socially distancing.  This designated area is cleaned after every service.


What about people who still need to maintain social/physical distancing?

We aim to cater for all needs, so will endeavour to meet your requirements.  Let us know of your need to socially/physically distance and any other requirements you might have.


Can we use books?

Yes.  For people who still need to maintain social/physical distancing, members may take service-books home to ensure that they always use the same book each week.


What about weddings and funerals?

From Monday 15 June, there is no limit on the number of people in church for weddings or funerals.  These will also be live-streamed so that relatives off-Island can share in them.


What about baptisms?

These recommence in church from Sunday 28 June. These will also be live-streamed so that relatives off-Island can share in them.


Is there hand sanitiser?  Yes.  … and people will be offered it when they enter the Cathedral.


When can we recommence Home Communion/pastoral care visits?

From Sunday 28 June, a member of a parish pastoral care team can take Home Communion to the housebound, but only if the person that they are visiting is allowed to have guests in their home.  Good hygiene will be maintained at all times.  Social/physical distancing remains compulsory in Hospitals and Care Homes.


Can I use the Toilets?

Yes, but they are usually only cleaned once a day, though inspected more frequently.


How can I contribute towards the running of the Cathedral?

There will be no collection plate passed round at the Offertory, but you can give in three ways:

  • Contactless giving using your card at the back of the Cathedral in amounts of £5, £10, or £15
  • Cheques, cash and envelopes in the slot next to the contactless payment machine

3.) You can arrange regular payments through your bank.  The Cathedral’s details are: Payee Vicar and Wardens of German    Sort code 55-91-07   Account 18473466   Ref insert your name     

Enquiries: Alison:  or Helen Parry  482 516


Are we open on other days of the week?

The Cathedral is currently open Monday to Saturday 10.30am – 2.30pm and of course the Gardens and Keeill Chapel are never closed.  While the Cathedral is open stewards are available to welcome you.  Mid-day prayer currently takes place at 12noon.

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