The Cathedral is privileged to arrange special services that mark the momentous occasions in life whether you are celebrating a new life or mourning a loved one.  Whatever the occasion, we are here to offer advice and help you and your family to honour these major life events.


Many people choose to mark the arrival of a new family member with a Christening or Thanksgiving.  We are also happy to do this for anyone of any age.

A Christening service in the Church involves baptism.  Baptism marks the beginning of a new life; one which is spiritual as well as physical.  We believe that it marks the entry into membership of the church which is the family or people of God, not just a building.  It is a time when serious promises about faith are made and when we acknowledge the power of the Holy Spirit and actions of Jesus as being necessary for salvation.

We also offer a Service of Thanksgiving.  This is for you if you want to mark the arrival of a new baby, to gather in church and celebrate a new life, giving thanks to God and seeking his blessing but without making any promises.

To find out more about planning a Christening or Service of Thanksgiving, contact Helen Parry T 07624 482516 E


Congratulations on your engagement!  If you are considering getting married in the Cathedral you are welcome whatever your beliefs, whether or not you have been Christened, and whether or not you normally go to church. If one or both of you live in Peel, the Cathedral is also your parish church, and we welcome you!  Even if you don’t live in Peel, it is still possible to be married here, although you will have to comply with certain legal requirements. 

Your wedding is a very special day, and we would like to help make it personal to you. Within the clear structure of the marriage service, there are many choices for you to make yourselves about hymns and music, readings and prayers, and the involvement of friends or family members.

To talk further about any aspect of planning your wedding in the Cathedral, please contact The Cathedral office on 01624 844830 or e-mail

Couples preparing for a Church of England wedding may find this link useful:


Bereavement is a distressing and challenging time.  The Cathedral staff are available to assist you in all that you need to do for a funeral. Often the initial arrangements are made through a funeral director, who will liaise with the Cathedral. The Cathedral staff are happy to have a conversation with you at any stage about your particular needs. T: 01624 844830 email: 

The cemetery is managed by Annette Thackray who will be able to assist you if you require a burial or cremation plot. T: 01624 465184 E: