Re-cycling at record levels. You can help us beat our record by encouraging others to re-cycle!
The bins and collection are generously provided courtesy of the Western Amenity Site (Harrods)- Mike Rose and his team. And they collect using an electric vehicle charged using the wind and sun!
Recycle your rinsed glass, cans, tins and alu foil, paper, plastics and Tetrapaks.
Which plastics? Under the plastic food packaging item you will find a small number in a recycle symbol- if it says 1,2,4 or 5 it can be recycled in one of the two bins (this might not apply everywhere on the Island).
Tetrapak?! Yes, not just the milk cartons...All Tetrapak cartons from our bin is re-cycled by Tetrapak, who have specialist facilities for separating out the different layers that make up the cartons.
Tip: If you have bits of aluminium foil, crush them together to make a ball - the re-cycling machine can find the aluminium easily then.
None of the recycling from the Cathedral bins goes to the incinerator.