The Foundation for Music and the Arts (FMA) is an Isle of Man registered Charity (1078) and holds responsibility for supporting and funding the Cathedral Music Department on behalf of the Cathedral and the Parish of the West. The Department currently requires day to day general funding in the order of £60,000 pa (Autumn 2020), which covers salaries, contributions towards the running costs of office and rehearsal accommodation, housing and other employment related charges, Choir music, printing and general running costs together with meeting all of the maintenance costs of the Cathedral's main Organ. As a part of the FMA’s commitment to supporting & developing young musicians, we also provide both Choral and Organ Scholarships to suitable candidates.

The FMA does not receive any funding from Church sources but meets its commitments primarily through the generosity of several individuals, commercial organisations, Trusts and Charities. Almost none of this income is committed on a regular or annual basis, therefore each year the financial challenge facing the Trustees remains. This income is supplemented by freewill giving from those attendees supporting our Annual Concert Programme and also by our ‘Friends of the Cathedral Music’ organisation, membership of which is open to all and details of which can be obtained from the Membership Secretry, Elisabeth Dellborg. Tel: 843940

The FMA has a programme of capital investment to support the Music Department which has included the regeneration of the Annexe area of the Corrin Hall to create the M L Wood Song School, providing an administrative base for the Music Department and a modern rehearsal space, music library, kitchen and robing accommodation for the Choirs. The work included obtaining Statutory Approvals, the provision of insulation and new double glazed windows, new wall and floor finishes, rewiring and the introduction of a Central Heating system. The project cost was £65,000 in total which was entirely funded by the generosity of third party supporters, including commercial organisations, Trusts, Charities and individuals who gave the money specifically for the purpose of providing a home for our Choirs.

The FMA has also developed and delivered the Cathedral Organ Strategy which identifies plans for the refurbishment and development of the Cathedral's main Pipe Organ, although this work is now on hold until the re-ordering project for the body of the Cathedral has been delivered.

Our latest scheme has been identified as ‘The Choir Stalls Project’ and includes the provision of risers and lighting to the Cathedral’s existing choir stalls which will greatly improve their functionality. The work also includes additional music stands and seating for the new Song School, which will be most welcome and conclude this most beneficial addition to our musical resources. Once again it is hoped that this will be funded entirely by donations from external sources and donations towards this important work are most welcome.

The Covid 19 Pandemic. The effects of ‘lockdown’ throughout the Cathedral Music world are not yet fully apparent and there is a real fear that when better times come, the general musical landscape will never recover to how it was previously. As with the majority of other similar organisations and Charities, the FMA is now faced with major funding shortfalls and uncertainty over how or even if it will be possible to recover. However, the positive news is that during this extremely difficult period, the FMA continued to fund the Department enabling the Director of Music to keep regular contact with the Choristers and Lay Clerks and even maintain a limited level of training & singing through web-based media, strictly within lockdown rules. This continuity ultimately contributed to Cathedral Isle of Man being the first Cathedral in Britain to recommence public worship with full Choral support, the achievement of which we are all truly proud.

The 40th Anniversary of the Inauguration of St German’s Cathedral.
To mark this significant landmark in the life of our Cathedral, the Trustees commissioned and funded a new setting of the Te Deum Laudamus by the well known young composer Brian Moles.
With some Manx themes woven into the accompaniment this new work was very well received when the full Cathedral Choir sang it's World premier at a Special Evensong on 1st November 2020.

Should you wish to discuss any of the above further or to support the work of the FMA and the Music Department in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cathedral Organist & Director of Music:

Dr Peter Litman MA, FLCM, LTCL, ARSCM, Hon.FGCM


Ian T Thompson (Chair)

Don Roworth

Very Revd Nigel Godfrey (Dean)

Dr Mike Hoy

Christine Edmundson

Steven Daykin



Doug Barrowman and Baroness Michelle Mone, OBE

Karen Vaughan LRAM, FRAM

Rt Revd Peter Eagles, The Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man

The Hon Clare Christian BSc OBE

Registered Charity: 1078




It is our absolute privilege to teach the island's young people choral singing to a very high standard, and for this no charge is made. Additionally we fund the training of an Organ Scholar each year, and we provide all sacred music at the Cathedral as a gift to our Island community.

Unfashionably, we have to fund music staff salaries and the costs associated with running the purpose built M L Wood Song School, as well as meeting the high costs of maintaining the Cathedral's pipe organ.

If you are able please consider helping us financially. Any amount, large or small, will be very much appreciated.

You have the opportunity to remember the Cathedral Choristers by leaving a legacy in your Will. Island Advocates MannBenham can help advise you, or do contact us in confidence to discuss the matter on

Our treasured Choral Heritage - now, and for tomorrow.....